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The company explained that its new services offering has been designed to meet the needs and requirements of each client based on a renewed vision aimed at achieving customer acceptance and satisfaction, following its rebrand as Intim Real Estate Services Company which carries the company's long lasting experience and aims at renewing its commitment to customers.
Guimera I Jorge mediated with ease between both systems of literature whereby both wanted in one way or another to monopolize his talent (George 38) and Gual was also a key player in the development of these systemic relations from the creation of Teatre Intim in 1898 until the attempt to set up the Catalonian School of Dramatic Art in 1913.
* Anders Larsson, Matti Hirvonen, and Karin Ingeback, "Sang efter skordeanden," Nordic Romance (Intim Musik, 2010).
(Garcia Lorca 1994b: 420) In this way, Lorca's poetic appropriation of Shakespeare stands closer to the Symbolist aesthetics of the work carried out by Adria Gual and his Teatre Intim (Cerda Martinez 2010: 106-25), where in the sketches for his productions of Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream or Hamlet, the paintings are reduced to barely representational forms and colours, rejecting detail in favour of the symbolic creation of mood or atmosphere.
Ea constituie liantul intim care subintinde societatea si care convinge unii membrii ai acesteia sa o apere fie si cu pretul vietii in caz de razboi.
On Christmas Eve, the man walked into the "Intim" shop in a Moscow suburb, according to law enforcement sources telling Interfax news agency.
Even in the German Democratic Republic, where socialism supposedly made matters of personal sexual morality less pressing, Siegfried Schnabl's 1969 Mann und Frau intim (Man and Woman Intimately) was the biggest-selling title of any book in East German history (the nearest competitor was a book on gardening).
Coefficient alphas for the present sample were as follows: .93 (INTIM), .89 (INFUS), .81 (INTRI), .90 (ININT), .80 (NFTRI), .88 (SPINT), .81 (SPFUS), and .74 (PERAUT).
Yet another reason was a lack of knowledge about what was going on in Barcelona, where Adria Gual's innovative work at the Teatre Intim matched other European ventures like Lugne-Poe's L'OEuvre or Stanislavski's Moscow Arts Theatre.
Apparently, the benefits of long organizational tenure, such as more intim ate understanding of the acquired company, lead to more successful outcomes than the benefits of short organizational tenure.
En dicha representacion historica actuo como escenografo Adria Gual que, despues de una provechosa estancia en Paris, es considerado el representante del Simbolismo finisecular; tradujo, segun parece, alguna de las obras del teatro europeo--Goethe, Moliere, Shakespeare--que integraba en el repertorio de su "Teatre Intim" (alternativa al teatro comercial, rutinario), como El somni d'una nit d'estiu (A mid--summer--night's dream, 1595-96), de W.