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INTJIntroverted Intuitive Thinking Judging (Myers-Briggs personality type indicator)
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These results suggest that OJ is best conceptualized as four distinct dimensions: DJ, PJ, INTJ, and INFJ.
This is based on Colquitt's four-dimensional measure that includes: DJ (four items), PJ (seven items), INTJ (four items), and INFJ (five items) (see Table 1).
INTJ Have original minds and great drive for implementing their ideas and achieving their goals.
The INFP coefficient, however, fails to achieve significance, while the coefficient for ENTJs suggests they perform significantly worse that those with the INTJ type.
Conversely, the INTJ tends to believe that authority derives from competence, not position, and pursues personal and organizational improvement.
Intuition (N) Feeling (F) Thinking (T) Judging INFJ INTJ (J) Insightful, symbolic, Insightful, long- idealistic, committed, range thinkers, compassionate.
According to the speaker, almost half of library school students are either ISTJ or INTJ.
This is your pattern if you had the most check marks in columns ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, or INTP.
They found 31 percent ISTJ, 10 percent INTJ, and 10 percent INFP, a distribution once again different from any other reported in the literature.
Distribution of MBTI Types for Centralis Scholars N=93 Sensing Types Intuitive Types With With With With Thinking Feeling Feeling Thinking ISTJ ISFJ INFJ INTJ J I U N N= 1 N= 7 N= 5 N= 6 D T %= 1.
These types can also be compressed into the following two types based on traits: Sensing-Thinking (ESFP, ESTP, ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ENTJ, ISTP, INTP) and Intuition- Feeling (ENTP, ENFP, INTJ, INFJ, ESFJ, ENFJ, ISFP, INFP).
In microeconomics, the results indicated that ISTJs performed significantly better than INTJs while ISFJs performed worse.