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Boots No 7 Protct & Perfct Intns 3,361,906 582.5
(94.) See Republica del Paraguay, Ley No 2575/2005: De Reforma de la Carta Organica Del Instituto Nacional De Technologia y normalizacion (INTN), (last visited Jan.
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This goal was accomplished by INTN in Paraguay by presidential decree in December 2009, largely due to the presence of the SIMTN.
New network time protocol (NTP) servers have been added by CENAMEP, ICE, and SNM, and are planned at INTN and elsewhere.
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(Okay, not as interesting as their unending quest to put every piece of KM, CM, elearning, and other e-prefixed or M-suffixed IBM product intn a single unified Portal environment, but I digress.) Thus, if a professor is lecturing and a student wants to interject, they can virtually raise their hand to be recognized.
MDPHAK and MDPHAR respectively refer to labour intensities during kharif and rabi seasons, while MDPHA and MDNHA respectively represent labour intensities per gross and net cropped hectare [MDNHA = (MPHA x INTN)/100].