INTORInternational Tokamak Reactor (IAEA study)
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That EPR was given the name INTOR, an acronym for INternational TOkamak Reactor.
And finally, the creation of the INTOR. While Mundell acknowledged that it might be difficult, he expressed optimism about the currency's prospects, saying, "The next big crisis might be the occasion for a reconvening of a Bretton Woods type conference to establish the conditions for a new international monetary system." With the United States looking at a likely second round of economic turmoil and its dollar becoming increasingly unstable as interest payments on the national debt take up an ever larger part of all taxes collected, such a "crisis" is probably closer than Americans would like to imagine.
A landmark in fusion development occurred in the 1980s, when the United States joined with the European Union, Japan, and the USSR in the International tokamak Reactor (INTOR) Workshop (from 1979 to 1988), and since 1988 in the ITER project, to work collaboratively toward designing and building a large experimental reactor.
Malimo, Chemnitz, Germany, the other major stitchbonded equipment supplier, focused on its "Maliwatt" stitchbonding machine as well as an attachment called "Intor." The design of the adapted Intor device and the Maliwatt machine allows floor space requirements and investment costs to be reduced considerably by carrying out both web formation and lapping directly on the stitchbonding machine.
PHOTO : PROUD DADDY: Jerry Atchley is ready to bring a third child intor his broadcast family.
Rodel Wenceslao (8 rounds), popular ring funny man Jojo Intor vs.
Stacey, the FPA Board recognizes his decades of outstanding career contributions to fusion research and development, including his pioneering contributions to power-producing fusion reactor designs, to the INTOR design which was a forerunner for ITER, and to conceptual designs of fusion-fission systems.
He led the IAEA INTOR Workshop (1979-88) which established an international consensus on the feasibility, physical characteristics and R&D requirements of a fusion experimental reactor, that led to the present ITER project, and for which he was awarded the U.
or perhaps the intor." An international board--that is, a global Federal Reserve--would regulate the global supply of that currency, and monetary gains from its issue would be apportioned under a quota plan administered by the IMF.
Stanza 1: si mergand pe strada/Urmaream o fata./Mi-a facut cu mana/Si-am intors masina.
The Buhai River has a length of 18 km and its main tributary is the Paraul intors Stream.