INTOSAIInternational Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
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INTOSAI is an international organization of supreme audit institutions, uniting the SAIs of UN member states.
ISSAIs and INTOSAI GOVs are officially launched and made available on www.
Taciau tiek praktikoje, tiek moksle egzistuoja zymiai daugiau audito rusiu (Aleliunas, Atkociuniene 2010; Amancei, Surcel 2010; Grundey 2008; Iliescu 2010; INTOSAI 2010; Kaziliunas 2008; Lakis 2007; Lakis 2008; Lo, Marchand 2004; Mackevicius 2001; Mattsson, Olsson 2006; Orzekauskas, Smaiziene 2009; Peto 2006; Puskorius 2004; Radovanovic et al.
He stressed the organization's keenness in developing closer ties with international ones, citing the recent representation of the organization through its Saudi representative to the meetings of INTOSAI.
Pakistan is also a member of a number of international auditing bodies like INTOSAI, ASOSAI, ECOSAI, ICGFM etc.
The examination is being held in order to cooperate the Audit Chamber to regulate its activities according to regulations of local legislation and international standards of INTOSAI.
40 issued by the INTOSAI, in addition to, the approval of the 2nd competition for researches and studies in audit and accounting and the approval of the directories, such as, the Financial Audit Directory, the General Directory, the Oil and Gas Audit Directory and the Pre-Audit Directory.
INTOSAI applies these guiding principles irrespective of the legal framework and the organizational structure of each member.
Within the framework of the SFI keenness to effectively contribute in the INTOSAI deliberations, it took part in the membership of reviewing the INTOSAI final accounts during 2011 to 2013.
ASOSAI is the largest regional group with 45 member countries within the INTOSAI, a UN body comprising 189 member countries.
The two-day meeting will discuss a number of important issues related to measuring the financial impacts for the recommendations of the GCC audit and accounting institutions and INTOSAI standards and recommendations.