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INTRIntransitive (verb type)
INTRInterrupt Request
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The document also revealed that plans to intr oduce an offence of ``incitement to religious hatred'' were back on the cards after faltering in 2001.
Applying first differences, the computed ADF tests suggested that the null hypothesis should be rejected for the individual series and that the variables INTR, RGNP, UNML, INFL, BDEF, M, GE and GT are integrated to order one I (1).
for four years b job, wa inter PS5.5 B and intr are ca a But the gamble backfired and the Russians have introduced huge cutbacks and are now just PS6m in debt but cannot afford to pay Slutsky a proper wage.
I CANNOT belie ve that this Labour Government is intr oducing charges for services which are already funded from general taxation.
It exhibited a wide range of musical and poetic skills and intr oduced audiences to possibly new but certainly unexplored repertoire.
Mrs Ellman said: ``The Government has given us an assurance that further chang es, such as those on the CrossCountry routes, will not be intr oduced again without consultation.
The error is made all the worse by the fact that it was made just a month after the government had said it would intr oduce new guidelines specifically aimed at avoiding this kind of mix-up in future.