INTRACIntelligent Traffic Routing And Control (Bell South)
INTRACInternational NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Training and Research Centre (Oxford University; UK)
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Creativity and Constraint: Grassroots Monitoring and Evaluation and the International Aid Area (Oxford: INTRAC, 2004); and Lisa Jordan, "Mechanisms for NGO Accountability," GPPi Research Paper Series no.
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Nongovernmental organizations such as the Save the Children Fund, Mercy Corps and INTRAC have all begun to operate in Kyrgyzstan, encouraging the development of domestic nongovernmental organizations, providing relief and contributing to long-term reform of the social welfare sector.
Douglas Robert Semple, 64, known as Bob, was snatched behind the offices of Intracs in Sanaa in February 2014.
I am a British subject working in Yemen for a petroleum services company which is Intracs Middle East Ltd.