INTRASINtegrated TRAffic Simulator
INTRASInstitut d'Investigació en Trànsit i Seguretat Viaria de la Universitat de València (Research Institute of Traffic and Road Safety of the University of Valencia)
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He had adopted the motto, "Act well, and let people talk." Planchet on his part, had adopted this, "Act and say nothing." It resulted from this, that, according to the custom of all superior geniuses, these two men flattered themselves intra pectus, with being in the right against all who found fault with them.
I was wont to pity the clumsy Irish laborers who cut ice on the pond, in such mean and ragged clothes, while I shivered in my more tidy and somewhat more fashionable garments, till, one bitter cold day, one who had slipped into the water came to my house to warm him, and I saw him strip off three pairs of pants and two pairs of stockings ere he got down to the skin, though they were dirty and ragged enough, it is true, and that he could afford to refuse the extra garments which I offered him, he had so many intra ones.