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INTSERVIntegrated Services
INTSERVIntegrated Services Model
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(Zuo Qingyun, Chen Ming, Zhao Guangsong, et al., 2013) In the commonly used QoS models, the RSVP and IntServ have the disadvantages of poor scalability and high routing load.
While this work continues, IntServ has been adopted by 3GPP as a key element of LTE, where it serves a vital role in ensuring voice quality on mobile broadband networks.
[18] Padilla, J.; Huerta, M.; Paradells, J.; Hesselbach, X., "IntServ 6: an approach to support QoS over IPv6 networks," Computers and Communications, 2005.
Currently, investigations have already been made between these two architectures, evaluating loss and delay as outlined in the publication of the Universal Multiservice Networks magazine titled "Mapping of loss and delay between intserv and diffserv" [4] [1] this has generated the motivation to conduct a study based on said previous research where variables such as jitter, delay, throughput and losses are evaluated through NS2 simulation on a proposed topology.
The volume also provides an in-depth examination of Quality of Service concepts, including RSVP, ST2, IntServ and DiffServ.
Within the Internet IETF community, much work is ongoing to create an integrated services (INTSERV) QoS control framework so that the TCP/IP suite can provide more than its current no-QoS service.
Other enhancements to the CPE policy engine include virtual private network "enforcement" functions that will offer customers the choice of using Differentiated Service (DiffServ) or Integrated Service (IntServ) QoS classifications.
DiffServ and IntServ have also been investigated in the mobility framework.