INTSUMIntelligence Summary
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Second, each of the specific intelligence functions and subordinate BNs published daily intelligence summaries (INTSUM).
If one looks up the doctrinal format of an INTSUM in FM 6-99.2, U.S.
Read all of the intelligence summaries (INTSUMs) of the BCTs that operate within your AOR in order to clearly understand the threat environment.
In support of identifying AIF networks and continuous updates to IPB products, ASI created an INTSUM and DISE update brief every 24 hours.
By consolidating the 96Bs at brigade level, and pushing the intelligence processing of the battlespace, INTSUMs, and other intelligence products back down to the battalions, the Army may achieve more efficient employment of 96Bs.
The CRIM INTSUM goes to CID offices and group headquarters via SIPRNET and secure-telephone-unit III (STU-III) facsimile (fax).
The next day, A/101 Ml occupied a wheat field just east of Urosevac, which today is known as Camp Bondsteel and three days later produced their first intelligence summary (INTSUM).
It was also important that we quickly learned the NATO report and INTSUM formats used by the KFOR headquarters and the other contributing members.
The Stratfuse guys were a bunch of fan boys who had traded their comic books in for INTSUMs, stopped gaming for fun and started gaming for real.
Intelligence reporting (below tear line) will be disseminated to commercial partners via UNCLAS INTSUMs, SPOTREPs, etc.
Army Criminal Investigation Command now publishes periodic criminal intelligence summaries (CRIM INTSUMs), which are available to Army law enforcement and security and force protection planners on a portion of the CID Intranet Web site.
(66.) During the March-June 1998 AEF deployment to theater (Bahrain), en route AFSST space support equipment provided updates to two ATOs (received and printed in flight), 18 weather images and text reports, 12 point-to-point text reports, 19 imagery/graphics files, and four INTSUMS, DISUMS, and SPINS.