INTSUMIntelligence Summary
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The COIN INTSUM would be a forcing mechanism that compels analysts to look at all available information for their assessments.
Another reason to create a doctrinal COIN INTSUM is to ensure reports can be easily retrieved from intelligence databases.
Examples of this may be INTSUMs, ISR plans, specialty products developed from other intelligence organizations, etc.
In support of identifying AIF networks and continuous updates to IPB products, ASI created an INTSUM and DISE update brief every 24 hours.
The Latest Time Information of Value is important to the INTSUM and DISE Update brief, as both products will determine how many and which subject matter experts (SMEs) you employ per twelve hour shift.
We initially passed INTSUMs and intelligence reports using systems we were not familiar with like Ptarmigan, Crisis Response Operations in NATO Operating Systems (CRONOS), and Linked Operational Intelligence Center, Europe (LOCE) computer systems.
Producing intelligence summaries (INTSUMs) and graphic INTSUMs (GRINTSUMs).
mil and ask them to add you to their distribution list, they will send you copies of the INTSUMs from all of the major commands in the U.
By consolidating the 96Bs at brigade level, and pushing the intelligence processing of the battlespace, INTSUMs, and other intelligence products back down to the battalions, the Army may achieve more efficient employment of 96Bs.
S2s have a requirement to send INTSUMs to their higher headquarters.
The JRTC can introduce such changes through pre-exercise JTF periodic INTSUMs covering the D-165 to D-Day period.
Eventually, they provided daily INTSUMs for the 13th TG Commander and served as the primary pipeline for requests for information and imagery from the ACE to the 10th Group LCE.