INTUGInternational Telecommunications Users Group
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McKendrick, "The INTUG View on the EEC Green Paper," Telecommunications Policy 11 (December 1987), 325--29.
BT, INTUG and EVUA are particularly attentive so that the Council and the Parliament keep the possibility for national regulators to impose a functional separation' on the incumbent operator in the case of persistent anti-competitive behaviour.
Again, I urge the association community to join INTUG if you haven't already done so.
INTUG believes that the international network service needs of business customers will not be met in an efficient, effective and seamless way whilst the wholesale inputs available to dominant national network operators are not equivalent to those available within the same country to competing international and national operators.
INTUG also believes the study fails to determine the point to which forecasts of the profitability of UMTS services were (and still are) realistic.
George McKendrick of INTUG made comments and observations on worldwide trends toward "liberalization" and explored possible cooperative efforts with TAC members.
It was decided that Council follow-up action would be required to help educate the association community as well as encourage support and/or application for membership in INTUG.
On the international scene, indications from INTUG (International Telecomm Users Group) are that in the U.
Put plainly, INTUG says that after seven years of opening up the market and privatization in the U.
SOBCZAK Yes, in fact the chairman of INTUG (International Telecommunications Users Group), George McKendrick, is the Bank of America telecommunications manager in Europe.
Last year, ICA became a member of INTUG, the International Telecommunications USers Group.
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