INURInventory Update Rule (EPA)
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With our model, we could find no statistical relationship between InPr and either explanatory variable; nor could we identify any statistical relationship between InCRRS and either InUr or InNer.
(27) The essential aspects of the political process argument require the court to apply strict scrutiny when the actions of a state work to place the "'decisionmaking authority over'" a legal measure or policy at a removed level of government that "'inures primarily to the benefit of the minority'" and that minorities would view as being "'in their interest.'" (28) A successful application of the theory by those that prevail upon it means that, state laws that "disadvantage!] any particular group by making it more difficult to enact legislation in its behalf" may be held constitutionally invalid.
(99) It must be demonstrated that the legal measure: 1) "has a racial focus targeting a policy or program that 'inures primarily to the benefit of the minority'"; and 2) "reallocates political power or reorders the decision making process in a way that places special burdens on a minority group's ability to achieve its goals through that process." (100) If these elements are satisfied, the challenged law is subject to strict scrutiny.