INVALSIIstituto Nazionale per la Valutazione del Sistema Dell'Istruzione (Italian: National Institute for the Evaluation of Education Systems)
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Data used in this work have been collected by the National Institute for the Educational Evaluation of Instruction and Training (INVALSI) which yearly assesses students' ability in Italian (indicated as reading) and mathematics.
The dataset of INVALSI contains standardized tests scores in reading and mathematics and provides relevant information on pupils (gender, date and country of birth, region of residence, type of preschool care), parents (country of birth, occupational status, educational level), schools (size, hours per week), and classrooms (size).
(10) However, for cohorts that had first enrollment after 2009/2010, INVALSI decided not to evaluate contiguous grades.
INVALSI assessments are currently planned to be undertaken only for a sample of pupils in every school.
The test was prepared and administered by the national agency for evaluation of the education system (INVALSI); INVALSI was also responsible for preparing a final report and returning detailed information on the results of the exam to every single school at class level.
INVALSI (2009) has recently put forward a proposal to evaluate principals on the basis of school drop-out reduction and learning achievements.
INVALSI (2008), "La prova nazionale al termine del primo ciclo.