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INVENTInfrastructure for Virtual Enterprises
INVENTIntelligenter Verkehr und. Nutzergerechte Technik (German: Intelligent Traffic and User-Friendly Technology)
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Barton, who said: "Of all the men who DIDN'T invent the telephone, Gray was the nearest."
A caveat is a declaration that the writer has NOT invented a thing, but believes that he is about to do so; while an APPLICATION is a declaration that the writer has already perfected the invention.
Reis, in his later years, realized that his machine could never be used for the transmission of conversation; and in a letter to a friend he tells of a code of signals that he has invented.
Such scientists as Lord Kelvin, Joseph Henry, and Edison had seen the little Reis instrument years before Bell invented the telephone; but they regarded it as a mere musical toy.
To secure public sympathy for Drawbaugh, it was said that he had invented a complete telephone and switchboard before 1876, but was in such "utter and abject poverty" that he could not get himself a patent.
But that old British book has never been seen by any one, and it is generally thought that Geoffrey took old Welsh tales and fables for a foundation, invented a good deal more, and so made his history, and that the "old British Book" never existed at all.
"A while ago the crooked Sorcerer who invented the Magic Powder fell down a precipice and was killed.
11 July 2016 - An entity controlled by funds advised by private equity advisory firm Apax Partners has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the operating subsidiaries of Invent Spanish drugmaker Farma S.L.
For example, in some organizations, if you invent something while working as an employee, the organization owns the invention.
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Feb 4 (ANI): Sai Teja, 22 year-old-boy from Hyderabad who stopped his education after 10th grade invented a new smart system for vehicles to avoid road accidents by detecting driver's alcohol consumption.
Invent is seeking applicants from a range of sectors, including engineering, agri-science, life and health, enterprise software, electronics and creative media.
"Our goal with the Invent was to implement the industry-leading capabilities of the PulseForge toolset in a more compact, lower-priced configuration, making the technology accessible to more customers," said Stan Farnsworth, NovaCentrix's chief marketing officer.