INWInland Northwest
INWIsolation Network (microwave theory)
INWIn-Work (maintenance part status)
INWWinslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport (Winslow, Arizona)
INWIsotropic Nuclear Weapon
INWInteragency Noxious Weed Symposium
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Both the RCU variable and the MSFT INW are decisive variables; each of them appears in the network as a variable "node" from which arcs come out, so that in each one of them divergent connections are generated.
Furthermore, the data show that it is the increase in the concentration of the instant noodle waste (INW) that generates the production of biosurfactant from C echinulata (Table 2).
In the second set of internal factors short-term internal factors remain unchanged, while labour productivity measured as the ratio between business revenues and the number of full-time equivalents (INLP), capacity utilisation as a ratio between business revenues and the value of fixed assets (INCU), the ratio between firm cost and its business revenues (INCTR), average monthly wage (INW) and price of capital approximated by the ratio between the sum of depreciation and cost of financing on one hand and total liabilities of the firm on the other hand (INPC) are included as long-term internal factors as an alternative to measures of technical and cost efficiency.
In addition to a measure for foreign ownership (INW) measured by a dummy that takes a value of 1 if firm i is foreign-owned and 0 otherwise, our empirical model includes a set of both firm-specific (FX) and industry-specific (SX) control variables, and time dummies ([[delta]sub.t]]) to capture business cycle effects:
Additionally, the mRNA expressions of 4 genes corresponding to sod3, Il6, Il1b, and ctgf were highly regulated inW + MI compared toW + sham hearts, showing more than 11-fold change (fold changes for sod3: -14.7, Il6: +13.6, Il1b: +12.9, and ctgf: +12.0).
"'Halo 5: Guardians' is a bigger effort than 'Halo 4.' That applies to the content and scope of the game, as well as the technology inw hat's now a brand new and more powerful engine," said Bonnie Ross, general manager over at 343 Industries, to ( Xbox Wire .
Very high concentration of S[O.sub.4.sup.2-] and N[O.sub.3.sup.-] might be due to its transport through Af, ME, InW, and Np airmasses.
where InW is the natural logarithm of mean individual weight (in grams) at the start ([W.sub.s]) and finish ([W.sub.f]) times of the sampling interval, and T is the start ([T.sub.s]) and finish ([T.sub.f]) times of the sampling interval (in days).