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INXSin Excess
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INXSIn Excess (band)
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INXS has made it - Australia's main music export, more popular than U2, Michael Hutchence is a goldplated rock star and they live in a world of superstars - Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen, Bono.
INXS ploughed on with guest vocalists but to many observers the band seemed destined to drift into oblivion.
Was it a great experience recording the new INXS album, Switch?
Fortune was chosen as their new singer for an upcoming tour as the climax to CBS show Rock Star: INXS.
"It's interesting--you don't move forward unless you go on the chopping block, and we are on the block," says INXS saxophonist Kirk Pengilly, who started toying with the idea of filming the hunt for a new lead singer back in 1998.
In a similar format to Pop Idol, the three with the least votes will perform again before the remaining members of INXS choose who goes.
The 'ROCK STAR: INXS' show is running to find a new lead singer for the band INXS, from 15 hopefuls selected during open auditions on six continents.
They will make their bid during a closed audition, one of only 20 events, being held across the world, as part of a new reality television show, INXS Rock Star.
This event made many wonder what would become of the remaining band members and ultimately to INXS, as they took time out to grieve the death of their friend.
All the contestants are wild, dynamic and fiercely talented, but the best thing about the show is that the INXS guys are on the dark side of 40 and are still as energetic as ever.
Their hit songs won two prestigious Grammys and five MTV Awards but, despite being a rock mega-band in the Eighties, the worldwide appeal of INXS was on the wane.
In addition, INX offers a full line of ink and coating technology for packaging and commercial print applications.