INdTInstituto Nokia De Tecnologia (Portuguese: Nokia Institute of Technology; Brazil)
INDTIntegrated Network Design Tool
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INDT 403, Polymers and Coatings Technology II Lab (three credit hours) -- January-April, Eastern Michigan University
INDT 379, Water-Based Coatings (three credit hours) -- September-December, Eastern Michigan University
INDT 460, Coating Formulation (three credit hours) -- January-April, Eastern Michigan University
INDT 503, Advanced Polymers and Coatings Technology Laboratory (three credit hours)
INDT 510, Principles of Managing Technological Enterprises (three credit hours)
INDT 543, Advanced Polymer Synthesis for Coatings Technology (two credit hours)
Prerequisite: INDT 400 and INDT 401, or equivalents.
INDT 555, Technology and Organization (three credit hours)
INDT 570, Coating Evaluation and Testing (two credit hours)
INDT 574, Crosslinking Technology for Coatings (two credit hours)
INDT will concentrate primarily on local news; however, there will also be national news coverage with local perspective.
A new vision based on a 150-year old tradition, INDT is an online, real-time news source that provides customers with insightful news in a forward-looking, innovative platform.