IO2Instant-On Input-Output
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Tat Lam, Co-Founder and Chief Social Scientist at iO2, says: "The iO2 team has spent the last three years developing AI for data collection and impact measurement in grassroots communities, with the aim of closing the last-mile gap collecting high quality and trusted data in developing regions.
By partnering with the iO2 Foundation, data collected from projects and beneficiaries will become cleaner, higher-quality, and faster-velocity at scale, thus enabling much easier, cheaper, immediate and more reliable impact measurement.
Shaun Conway, President of the ixo Foundation Council said, "We are excited about bringing together the capabilities of ixo and iO2, to make these technologies and tools meaningful to people."
Negative, statistically significant Pearson's correlation coefficients (r) proved converse developments in the following combinations: ON and ION (r = -0.90), RU3 and IU3 (r = -0.75) as well as AO2 and IO2 (r = -0.84).
A digital pen like Logitech's IO2 Writing System (reviewed in our April Tech Forum) lets you write in liquid ink and digits at the same time.
I'm actually writing the first draft of this column with a Logitech IO2, and that will cut down on my usual step two--entering the text into a word processing program.
The latest version of the io2 has improved handwriting recognition, the pen is smaller than earlier versions, and the cost has been reduced.
Logitech's io2 Digital Writing System was premiered in March at Cebit in Hannover, Germany, and Adesso announced its CyberPad last fall.
The Logitech io2 pen sends the notes, e-mails, and drawings that it sees through its USB-connected pen stand.