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IOBAIndependent Online Booksellers Association
IOBAInstituto Universitario de Oftalmobiología Aplicada (Institute of Applied Ophthalmobiology)
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She urged people to check that an adviser was an IoBA member so as to ensure they were both independent and someone who had run a business themselves.
In our study, we took FAF photographs to every patient sent to the IOBA (a referral center) from the CAPA, who fulfilled the following criteria: (1) eyes without retinal detachment, (2) transparent media (cornea, anterior chamber, lens, and vitreous), (3) good cooperation to allow the capture of the photographs, and (4) proper health condition to allow the photograph capture.
We compared the Topcon TRC-50IX with a Kodak Megaplus 1.4i camera and the Zeiss FF 450 Plus IR with Visupac 4.1, and a Kodak Megaplus 1.6 camera (available in IOBA and CAPA, resp.).
The project for the extraction and application of sapropel fertilizers was developed by researchers at the Institute of Oceanology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IOBAS).
Petko Dimitrov, oceanologist at the IOBAS, sapropel-based fertilizers are sometimes better than artificial fertilizers.