IOCIIndian Ocean Climate Initiative (Australia)
IOCIImperial Office of Criminal Investigations (Star Wars)
IOCIIgnitor Oil Cock Interlock
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While target costing and FPQ tradeoffs don't necessarily require cost-data disclosure, OBA plays a key role in the identification of cost-saving potential during IOCI and concurrent cost management.
The IOCI report found that, in the south-west WA region, winter rainfall suddenly decreased about 30 years ago by about 15-20%.
While the absurd image of a Hercules who bursts out of his clothes is appropriate for the comic register of the tale--the episode is introduced as antiqui fabula plena ioci ("a story full of old-fashioned jokes")--it also draws the reader's attention to the virile hero who lies beneath the feminine finery.
Quantitative and qualitative trait Ioci affecting host plant response to Exserohilum turcicum in maize (Zea mays L.).
Like other poetic forms with lascivious or erotic content, epigram commonly referred to itself disingenuously as lusus (play), paegnia (playthings), ioci (jokes), nugae (trifles), or ineptiae (foolery)." On the other hand, lusus et ioci also denoted light, sophisticated verse untrammeled by the weighty (and often boring) themes of epic.
2, 250 nullum genus est ioci, quo non ex eodem seuera et grauia sumantur).
The Western Australian State Government's Indian Ocean Climate Initiative (IOCI) is aiming for greater understanding of WA's climate across seasons, years and decades.
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