IOCOInsurance Office of Central Ohio (New Albany, OH)
IOCOImperial Oil Company
IOCOInput-Output Conformance
IOCOIntuitively Obvious to the Casual Observer
IOCOIntegrated Organics Company LLC (Alfred Station, NY)
IOCOInternational Operations Centre of Orange
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The commissioner would approve the declaration of input and output ratio of the manufacturer without physical verification in case declared input and output ratio and input requirement is in accordance with the prevailing industryaverage or the inputs consumption pattern of the applicant manufacturer or as already determined by IOCO under an earlier notification issued for such goods.
Under the proposed transaction, the company common shareholders will receive one share in each of GasCo and IOCo in exchange for each company share held.
Here Erasmus points out that he took the anecdote from the vernacular ("hodiernis temporibus vulgo iactatur fabula de caeco mendico") and suggests that the saying quoted by the beggar is also of popular provenance ("sententiam populari ioco celebrem, ibi quaestum esse, vbi sit hominum frequentia").
From 1981-1984, he served as operations manager and then refinery manager of the IOCO Refinery near Vancouver, BC.
There was that joint excursion to the White Mountains for older youngsters, correctly chaperoned by Chester Teller (in Ioco parentis, as he was wont to say).
it extends from the Ioco Refinery in British Columbia through to Regina, Sarnia and (from information we recently obtained that the labour organizations were organizing our men in Montreal), to the Montreal refinery, and, naturally, it will only be a short time when Halifax is in the same position.
The factors affecting NOM removal by adsorption onto iron oxide-coated olivine (IOCO), the filtration performance of IOCO media, and the physical stability of IOCO were evaluated in laboratory and pilot scale tests.
In Acapulco festive cocktails aboundtry the area's most popular creation Coco Ioco, a generous portion of rum mixed with Seven-up, and served (usually) in a coconut shell.
CBR also had its camp office of member judicial in Custom House but as a result of reforms and re-structuring that office did not exist further; however, the directorate internal audit, inspection, IOCO were also moved to this building.