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IOCTLInput Output Control
IOCTLInput/Output Control
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(2) Passing the request data (original data) through ioctl to the driver in kernel, ioctl (ctx->cfd, CIOCCRYPT, &cryp), this step will generate another Mode Switch.
On initial open of the device we get a handle of the internal KVM system that we can use to issue proper ioctl commands.
Several important system calls Name of Function system call Fork Create a new process Clone Create a child process according to specific conditions Getpid Obtain the id of a process Fcntl File control Read Read file Write Write file Ioctl Master control function of I/O Table 2.
Once attached, the Catcher uses ioctl system calls on the open file descriptor to control the process.
It gathered some of this information by making direct ioctl calls, and by running the netstat program with various arguments.
Therefore, we implement a V-channel module that can receive bandwidth information provided to the NIC along with communication to the driver using ioctl.
Our device driver efficiently handles interrupts generated by Alpha performance counter overflows and provides an ioctl interface that allows user-mode programs to flush samples from kernel buffers to user space.