IODCInput Output Dependent Code
IODCInternational Optical Design Conference
IODCIndian Ocean Data Coverage
IODCI/O Dependent Code
IODCInternational Organ Donor Coalition (Miami, FL)
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In fact, both constructions allow two postverbal complement orders, i.e., DO IO/IO DO for the IODC and DO PP/PP DO for the PDC.
We predict that the IODC, because it includes a clitic, will show more restricted distribution than the PDC in general; however, we expect to find some idiosyncratic differences among the five verbs with respect to the distribution of the two constructions.
In Spanish, it is commonly assumed (Jaeggli 1980, Suner 1988, Franco 2000; inter alia) that a pronominal dative complement must be realized either as a clitic alone, as shown in (6a), or in the form of an IODC, as in (6b), but never in the form of a PDC, as shown in (6c).
A few tokens of sentences like (6b) were found in the corpus; nonetheless, these sentences were not included in our analysis because the IODC is the only option in this case.
c) The rate of occurrence of the IODC relative to that of the PDC varies among the five verbs.
However, although not explicitly manifested in the table, there is one area in which the IODC is rarely used, and the PDC seems to be the norm: dar-bare N combination idioms, as seen in (15) above.
A send-type verb enviar ' send', on the other hand, was compatible with a human recipient in both the IODC and the PDC, but it was compatible with a locational goal recipient only in the PDC.
This idiomatic expression can appear not only in an IODC but also in a PDC, as shown in (29a) and (b), respectively.
In addition, our findings show that the PDC may denote what the IODC does, and this seems to explain the more pervasive distribution of the PDC over the IODC.
(3) Some, claiming that the IODC, as in (lb), is equivalent to the English DOC, call it DOC as well.
(4) Clearly, these studies also assume that the underlying complement order is [DO-PP] for the PDC and [IO-DO] for the IODC mimicking the English PDC and DOC, respectively, as shown in (4).
(7) It is commonly accepted that the IODC shows two complement orders, where the DO IO order is considered to be unmarked.