IODSInstitute of Dermatology, Singapore
IODSInput/Output Data Specification (Ground Data Processing System)
IODSIlford Operatic & Dramatic Society (UK)
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The IOD refers to temperature fluctuations in the east and western Indian Ocean.
In its negative phase, the IOD brings cool water to the ocean west of Australia and warm water to the north, leading to winds that bring rain-bearing air over the continent.
In the positive phase, water temperatures are reversed and less rainfall travels to Australia, particularly to Victoria where the negative IOD provides winter and spring rains.
As part of their research, Cai and Cowan recorded changes in the IOD using Argo floats, robotic devices that measure the subsurface ocean temperature.
They found the IOD was in an "unprecedented" positive state for three consecutive years leading up to 2009.
The researchers also found an IOD link to the Ash Wednesday bushfires of February 1983, with a positive event reducing rainfall during the winter of 1982.
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