IOERLeibinz Institute of Ecological and Regional Development (Germany)
IOERInterest Rate on Excess Reserves (finance)
IOERIndependent Operational Evaluation Report
IOERIntraoperative Electron Beam Radiotherapy (oncology)
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As such, the federal funds market has evolved into a market in which the FHLBs lend to foreign banks, which then arbitrage the difference between the federal funds rate and the rate on IOER.
Monetary policy in the United States since the end of the Great Recession has been characterized by a policy rate driven essentially by the IOER [R.sup.m] = 1.0025 and a balance sheet that is over four times larger than before the financial crisis, with most Fed liabilities existing as excess reserves in the banking system.
For instance, mining areas and dump sites are there classified as settlement areas, while in the IOER Monitor typology they are classified as open space because they lack settlement functions such as housing or recreation and do not usually have impervious surfaces (Meinel et al.
Most of these participants indicated that they preferred that monetary policy eventually operate through a corridor-type system in which the federal funds rate trades in the middle of a range, with the IOER rate as the floor and the discount rate as the ceiling of the range, as opposed to a floor-type system in which a relatively high level of reserve balances keeps the federal funds rate near the IOER rate.
Die "jan tateraat" wat in "Die verlossing" so stil sit en Ioer (die janfrederik is glo ten spyte van die besondere sangtalent nie sosiaal nie, nooit deel van 'n swerm nie) is een van die talryke voels in die Breytenbach-oeuvre.
She has been critical of the FOMC's use or IOER to set rates and wants to bring "fresh thinking," to the Fed according to various interviews.
ABA agreed to the Fed's stance that narrow banks, also called 'pass-through investment entities' (PTIEs), could compromise the Fed's ability to conduct monetary policy by interrupting the transmission of IOER and Overnight Reverse Repurchase Agreement Facility rates to the federal funds rate.
Since 2008, however, the Fed has paid interest on excess reserves (IOER) equal to or even higher than the effective federal funds rate.
In recent years, the Federal Reserve has also used the interest on excess reserves (IOER) and the overnight reverse repo (ON RRP) facility to help control the federal funds rate.
But, the federal funds rate is bounded by the discount rate [R.sup.d] and the interest rate on reserves (IOER).
Hy staan op en Ioer om die hoeke in die ander vertrekke in.