IOFBIntraocular Foreign Body
IOFBI Only Fire Blanks (vasectomy)
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(1) There are few reports on asymptomatic ILFBs worldwide and it is estimated that the encapsulation of IOFBs by a thin membrane may play a role in limiting the subsequent complications of traumatic lens capsule rupture.
(6) In a prospective, randomized study, cases of IOFB that were managed with intracameral and intravitreal antibiotics were associated with a reduced risk of endophthalmitis compared with the control group treated with intravitreal balanced salt solution.
Rai's et al13 detected cataract (15.3%) as the most common traumatic intraocular pathology followed by IOFB (13.8%).
Type Type A (rupture) 23.30% Type B (Penetrating) 53.30% Type C (IOFB) 16.60% Type D (Perforating) 3.30% Type E (Mixed) 3.30% Note: Table made from pie chart.
More than 95% of the patients without IOFB or retinal detachment could get BCVA improvement just after PPV surgery.
PPV with intravitreal injection of antibiotics was directly performed in 121 (44.6%) patients due to an existing IOFB, severe vitreous hemorrhage/inflammation, retinal detachment, and serious lens injury.
[sup][8] The term "open globe injury" denotes full-thickness wound of the eyewall and includes rupture of the eyeball, penetrating eye injury, IOFB, and perforating eye injury.
Eyes having open globe injury (OGI) and intraocular foreign body (IOFB) who had surgical intervention were included in our study.
In the orbital computed axial tomography the presence of orbital fractures were reported as: no fracture, fracture of the orbital floor, fracture of the orbital roof, fracture of the medial orbital wall, fracture of the lateral orbital wall, fracture of the medial wall and floor of the orbit, with fracture of the medial wall and orbital roof, with three broken orbital walls, with all orbital walls broken or IOFB. Meanwhile, for ocular ultrasound it was recorded whether or not there was a cataract, as well as whether or not there was vitreous opacity, retinal detachment, IOFB or others.
+ - 21 eyes had posterior segment IOFB and 1 eye had anterior segment IOFB
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