IOHRSubcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights (US House of Representatives)
IOHRInternational Order of Human Rights
IOHRInternational Organization of Heterosexual Rights
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The IOHR statement said the executions were carried out inside public baths in Mekkawi, and 106 corpses were left there for 14 hours before civilian-owned vehicles came and took them away for burial.
"IOHR representatives who arrived in Libya yesterday [Sunday] have told us that mass graves were dug in several areas and especially in some army barracks where tens of soldiers and officers, who refused to obey orders to open fire on unarmed citizens, were executed," he said during a sit-in near the U.N.
Os achados de Doro, Pasquini e Iohr (2003), que realizaram uma investigacao longitudinal com adolescentes submetidos ao TMO no Brasil, indicaram que a QV dos pacientes sofre impacto negativo no pos-TMO imediato.