IOISIntegrated Offender Interventions Service (UK)
IOISInterorganizational Information System
IOISIdiopathic Orbital Inflamatory Syndrome (eye disease)
IOISImaging of Intrinsic Signals
IOISIntegrated Operational Intelligence System
IOISInternational Organization of Information Specialists
IOISIndian Oasis Intermediate School (Arizona)
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Undetectability [23] of an item of interest (IOI) from an attacker's perspective means that the attacker cannot sufficiently distinguish whether it exists or not.
by law to maintain, ATF SAs and IOIs are able to trace crime guns from
Most of the statistical analyses (ANOVA, variance components, means, SDs, longitudinal analyses, and IoIs) were performed using SAS statistical analysis software (version 9.1, SAS Institute Inc, Cary, NC, USA).
In Section 3, theories and approaches of distribution reduction are investigated in IOIS. In Section 4, we restate the definition of dominance matrix in ordered information systems and step the matrix algorithm for distribution reduction acquisition.
The SEC's proposals introduce three main changes to ATS rules: the definition of "bid" and "offer" would be amended to include actionable IOIs thus subjecting them to disclosure requirements, (134) the ATS trading volume threshold for displaying best price would be lowered from 5% to .25%, (135) and the proposal would require post-trade transparency similar to the traditional exchanges because it would require the ATSs to provide real-time identification of executed trades.
Leveraging Orc's functionality in strategy trading, the Cscreen solution enables traders to quickly price and assess any incoming IOIs for swift trading decisions.
(96) In a dark pool, the trader signals the intent to buy or sell through indications of interest ("IOIs") to other participants.
The first proposal would require actionable Indications of Interest (IOIs) - which are similar to a typical buy or sell quote - to be treated like other quotes and subject to the same disclosure rules;
Na Castelloza addresses "Ia de chanter non degra aver talan" to "Dompna Na Mieils" (54), perhaps another trobairitz (Bruckner, Shepard, and White 147), and in the envoi of "Ar em al freg temps vengut" Azalais de Porgairagues sends her canso "ves Narbona" to "lei cui iois e iovenz guida" (50, 52), a likely reference to Ermengard of Narbonne, powerful viscountess and patron of both male and female troubadours (Cheyette 2001, 170).