IOLIInvestor-Owned Life Insurance
IOLIInternational Old Lacers Incorporated
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But whether the LTC provision is included and the IOLI provision excluded remains "an open question until the deal is sealed and delivered," as one lobbyist noted.
And it was Grassley who added to the Senate bill last November the provision imposing punitive taxes on IOLI.
IOLI raised $267 million over five years, the lobbyist said, and is supported by the Bush administration and Sen.
Industry officials are cautiously optimistic the controversial IOLI provision will be left out of the compromise being crafted to enact the bill.
Grazie a questa opportunita, l'articolo ha dato luogo a numerosi interventi, in particolare da parte di Enrico Berti, Guido Calenda, Laura Candiotto, Elena Corsi, Enrique Hulsz, Giovanni Fanfoni, Walter Fratticci, Mariana Gardella Hueso, Roberta Ioli, Joaquin Meabe, David Murphy, Enrico Piergiacomi, Vincenzo Placella, Massimo Pulpito, Aurelio Rizzacasa, Alessandro Stavru.
It was found that glutathione conjugation was responsible for herbicide resistance in plants (Del Buono and Ioli 2011).