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IOMMUInput Output Memory Management Unit
IOMMUInput/Output Memory Management Unit
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In addtion, there are related works on performance evaluations and optimizaitons of IOMMU. [5] presents peformance characteristics of commodity IOMMUs in Linux, both on bare metal and Xen hypervisor.
On the host side, it consists of I/O page tables, hardware IOMMU for directly assigned devices, software IOMMU for simulated devices, and the PVIOMMU backend driver.
As also a simulated device, the software IOMMU is implemented in the I/O process, exposing API to translate GIOVAs to HVAs for the simulative DMA engine.
Before accessing guest DMA buffers, the simulative DMA engine calls the software IOMMU to do address translation.
As introduced in Section 2 and Section 3, the native KVM implementation on IOMMU support for virtual machines adopts the direct mapping strategy with lowest overhead and optimal performance, but no DMA security guarantees.
Compared with the BASELINE, para-virtualization of IOMMU increases CPU utilization by about 9%.
The reason is that hardware DMA engine is more efficient than simulated DMA engine, so the overhead of IOMMU virtualization is more significant in the former case.
The four curves almost overlap, which indicates that the overhead of IOMMU virtualization is negligible on MPI communications.
In this paper, we present PVIOMMU, an IOMMU para-virtualization solution to support high efficiency and secure DMA in virtual machines.
In addition, we will dive deeper into resource scheduling on virtual machine with PVIOMMU, evaluate the influence of IOMMU para-virtualization on scheduling decisions, and study algorithms that can avoid instabilities on virtual machine migration.
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