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DIA's adaptation of IONOS includes the airport's website www.
Through its different channels, IONOS reinforces airport branding, drives traveler satisfaction, and aims to increase revenue per passenger.
Sally Covington and Chris Davey, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Marketing and Commerce Technologies for SapientNitro, will present a session on IONOS and creating transformative customer experiences at Forrester's Customer Experience Forum in New York City on June 29 at 2:45 PM.
IONOS also uses goHow Airport and other digital media to serve travelers targeted messaging based on time, location and other variables.
The unique cross-platform approach of IONOS transforms the often confusing and harried consumer travel experience into a seamless and pleasant one," said Ryan Scott, SapientNitro director, and chief architect of the platform.
IONOS provides them with this trusted connection, while also offering interesting new revenue streams per passenger by increasing the flow of foot traffic to retail storefronts and airport concessionaires, and through media sales on the IONOS platform.
Recently, IONOS was showcased at the Airports Council International - Europe Airport Trading and Conference Exhibition in Malta.
ionos is made up of successful game publishing industry veterans, who are focused on making game titles retail hits.
Vassaux mentioned that profits has allowed ionos to acquire high-quality, competitive game submissions by developers that would otherwise require traditional game publishers to spend millions of dollars in advances against royalties.
The first four titles from ionos -- three of which are due to hit stores first quarter -- have been announced, with pictures, sample screen shots and descriptions on ionos' Internet Web site, at http://www.