IOOSIntegrated Ocean Observing System
IOOSIsolated Open Operator Station (tractor)
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For IOOS, NOAA data providers will implement OGC's Sensor Observation Service, Geography Markup Language (GML) and Observations and Measurements (O&M) specifications to provide data on temperature, salinity, water level, currents, winds and waves.
The IOOS, along with its regional partner the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS), uses this data to combat environmental threats like harmful algal blooms, promote health and safety of the Great Lakes, and support maritime commerce and transportation.
IOOS is a network of federal and regional entities that work together to monitor, collect and utilize data related to the health of the Great Lakes and oceans.
html); also see the IOOS Coastal and Ocean Modeling Testbed for both of these projects (www.
The data, ranging from carbon dioxide concentrations to salinity and water temperatures can be found through the IOOS Pacific Region Ocean Acidification Data Portal which began operations this month.
The IOOS Pacific Region Ocean Acidification Data Portal features data streams from five shellfish hatchery/growing sites using monitoring systems, dubbed burkolators, that were developed by Burke Hales, Ph.