IOOSIntegrated Ocean Observing System
IOOSIsolated Open Operator Station (tractor)
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Environmental data collected in real time by the IOOS have proven to be fundamental in assessing HAB threats.
Some IOOs have been amazed once they drew the intelligence data flow on a dry-erase board and saw all the intelligence "databases" that grew from a spreadsheet to a system of record.
Mark Wiegardt, co-owner of Whiskey Creek said: "Putting an IOOS buoy in the water is like putting headlights on a car." Adds Dewey: "All of a sudden we could see all aspects of this water that was coming in our intake pipes.
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Beyond improving forecasting of HABs, this research will contribute to the rapidly emerging US Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) by adding a new way to make coastal ocean observations.
(30) ROIPs will ensure robust and improved data, collection, and dissemination to all levels for decisionmaking, training, technical assistance, outreach, and education, including strong linkages to existing or developing regional integrated ocean observing systems ("IOOS").
"Over the length of this contract SAIC will support NDBC's role in the establishment of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) by enhancing the data management system, increasing the number and quality of measures with the infusion of new technology into the MON, and significantly increasing the size of the buoy network."
John Deere 5000 TWENTY Series utility tractors feature a completely new cab and Isolated Open Operator Station (IOOS).