IOPAIslands Organic Producers Association (est. 1990; Canada)
IOPAIndependent Oil Producers' Agency (California)
IOPAInstitute for Orkornerei Pastoralists Advancement (Tanzania)
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Caption: Figure 3: IOPA showing Root canals of 11 and 21 filled with Calcium hydroxide and iodoform (metapex) beyond the apex with the intention to resolve peri apical abscess and the access cavity was restored with temporary restorative material
Figure 5b: An IOPA of a mandibular molar which demonstrates extensive vertical alveolar bone loss with only 1/3rd of the root embedded in bone.
Caption: Figure 3: OPG and IOPAs showing bone formation in relation to implants after 6 months in both the groups.
IOPA X-rays in relation to the central and lateral incisors (figure-1 A).
Tenders are invited for supply, installation and commissioning of IOPA X-Ray Machine on Rate Contract for two years
IOPA radiograph was taken to confirm the angulation.
An IOPA radiograph was taken in relation to 11, 12, 12S and 13.
Radiographic analysis was carried out using Ortho Pentamo Gram and IOPA radiograph of the involved site.
IOPA revealed gutta percha extruding through the mid root region, indicative of the mid root perforation (fig 5).
Access to the pulp chamber was gained and working length determination IOPA was taken.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 500mA X Ray Machine with accessories, 100mA Mobile X Ray Machine with accessories, Computed Radiography System, Cassetes for CR System, Lead Screen with Glass, Digital view box, Radiovisiography, IOPA or Dental X-Ray Machine, Automatic X-Ray Film Developer to Radiodiagnosis.
IOPA X-ray revealed periapical radiolucency and excessive bone loss in relation to tooth 44.