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Clinically, among 20 sites of PRF, implants on 19 sites were clinically firm while implant on 1 side was mobile whereas among 20 sites of DFDBA, implants on 16 sites were firm and stable whereas implants on 4 sites were mobile (Table: XI) Each implant was assessed 6 months post-op by an IOPA. The IOPA was chosen because it gives more or less accurate details of the implant and bone interface (Figure 3).
The songs of the true poets, like Iopas, Virgil, Dante, and ultimately Boccaccio himself, demand exposition and commentary.
"Philosophical Songs: The 'Song of Iopas' in the Aeneid and the Francesca Episode in Inferno 5." Dante Studies 120 (2002): 35-51.
E non erano li loro canti di cose vane, come il piu delle canzoni odierne sono, anzi erano versi poetici, ne' quali d'altissime materie o di laudevoli operazioni da valenti uomini adoperate [si trattava], si come noi possiam vedere nella fine del primo dello Eneida di Virgilio, dove, dopo la notabile cena di Didone fatta ad Enea, Iopa, sonando la cetera, canta gli errori del sole e della luna e la prima generazione degli uomini e degli altri animali e donde fosse l'origine delle piove e del fuoco e altre simili cose: dal quale atto pote nascere il dirsi che i poetici versi si cantino.
There were excellent contributions from Elena Zaremba as Dido's sister Anna and Dwayne Croft as Cassandra's lover Coroebus, as well as an expert rendering of Iopas' lyrical aria by Matthew Polenzani.
As we read on, we find that Ovid follows the example of the songs of Orpheus and Iopas in sustaining his allusion to the Homeric shield.
This allusive strategy is comparable with that observed in the Apollonian song of Orpheus and the Vergilian song of Iopas and so hints that the cosmogony itself is a revelation of the physical allegory underpinning the famous Homeric background.
We know that this is so from Apollonius and Vergil, whose Hesiodic songs of Orpheus and Iopas begin by quoting the Homeric shield of Achilles.
20 On the song of Iopas being a model for Ovid's cosmogony see Schmitzer.
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23 On Vergil's use of the Homeric shield in the song of Iopas see Brown, "Homeric Background."