IOPTIntegrated Operations Planning Tool (US DoD/US Air Force; Air Force Information Warfare Center)
IOPTIntegrated Operational Procedures and Timelines
IOPTIntroduction of Process Technology (UK)
IOPTInput Output Processing Template
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One of iOpt's pilot schemes has saved the customer PS50,000 over two years across 30 of their 12,500 properties, a return-on-investment of 800 per cent.
O Reading Model, alem de estimar a ingestao para media da populacao ([mu]) e o otimo biologico ([mu] + y), permite ainda obter o otimo economico (Iopt = [mu] + z.y) para cada granja.
Iopt mg[dia.sup.-1] = a.MO+b.PC+z.(raiz quadrada [[a.sup.2] x [sigma]M[O.sup.2]+[b.sup.2] x [sigma]P[C.sup.2]])
Para calcular o Iopt, foram considerados os coeficientes a e b apresentados na tabela 1.
The IOPT parameter denotes whether the consistency of the overlap points for vector X has to be enforced or not.
iOpt Assets hopes to have rolled out the sensing technology to 2,000 homes in Scotland, spread across a variety of local authorities and housing associations.
Dane Ralston, director at iOpt Assets, said: "The results of the project have proven the business case for this service.