IORDInput Output Read
IORDIntegrated Operational Requirements Document
IORDInternational Organization for Rural Development (Belgium)
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(iii) RECEIVE instruction allows receiving data through the global router: data = IORD (NI_BASE, address).
In Development Training Institute & IORD, Inc., Competency study of leaders who facilitate successful community building initiatives (pp.
Siphonodentalium lobatum (1) Portlandia-Thyasira association inhabiting the prodeltaic environ ment as described in this study (2) Portlandia-Thyasira association inhabiting the middle and outer f iord as described in this study (3) Thyasira association as described in this study (4) Pioneering Portlandia association as described by Syvitski et al.
As a parallel to the dragon's den as a dwelling rather than a tomb, Joseph Harris has cited the description of Fafnir's den in Fafnismal, which refers to a dwelling dug into the ground, though it is of iron, not stone; it has hurdir af iarni oc gaetti; af iarni voro oc allir timbrstoccar i husino, enn grafit i iord nidr.
En 1999, un comite mixte de la Chambre des communes et de la Chambre des Iords a publie un rapport extremement exhaustif sur la question du privilege parlementaire.