IORNSInventory of Offender Risk, Needs, and Strengths (self-assessment tool)
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Actively connecting scientists with resource labs, and helping resource labs keep their equipment optimally busy, is a model Iorns and cofounder Dan Knox have developed into a business, called Science Exchange.
I signed onto Science Exchange soon after it went live and Iorns immediately sent her project to my lab.
Starting with that first project together, Iorns and I have developed a collaboration that has resulted in multiple published papers.
But Iorns and Brian Nosek, a psychologist and one of Wilson's colleagues at the University of Virginia, are among those who think exact duplication can move research in the right direction.
Soon, Nosek and Iorns' Science Exchange teamed up to replicate 50 of the most important (defined as highly cited) cancer studies published between 2010 and 2012.
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