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IORTIntraoperative Radiotherapy (oncology)
IORTInstitute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (Utah State University Extension)
IORTIncremental Oil Revenue Tax (Canada)
IORTIntraoperative Radiation Therapy Boost (oncology)
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To the author's knowledge, the distance traveled by patients who undergo IORT in the United States has not previously been assessed.
About 21% of the North American women failed to comply with the radiation therapy recommended due to the cost and inconvenience.6 Decreased cost and improved quality of postoperative life years in patients with IORT rather than external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) stands to be a better and effective treatment option.
Xoft began our relationship with UltraMed Technology Corporation three years ago, with the goal of expanding our IORT global footprint, said Ken Ferry, President and CEO of iCAD, Inc.
More than 70,000 American women per year who have been diagnosed with breast cancer fit the profile of the TAR-GIT-A population, she said, but some authorities urge holding off on widespread adoption of IORT until results are in from ongoing, large, randomized trials of mastectomy vs.
Because of the concentrated nature of the radiation, IORT is only recommended for women with a single, small (less than two centimeters) tumor.
Conclusion: In this limited study, IORT using existing after-loaders and a low cost, self-developed applicator has similar local control rates at 5 years to external beam radiation (EBRT).
Doctors hope that, after the publication of trial results later this year, IORT becomes widely available.
The ten-year targeted intra-operative therapy trial aims to show that IORT is as safe and effective as a conventional course of radiotherapy.
Another advantage of IORT is that it allows a more direct path to the tumor and more specific irradiation of the area.
During intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), a single large dose of radiation is delivered in the operating suite after the tumor bed and adjacent normal organs have been defined (figure 6).
This brochure details the Intrabeam[TM] System for IORT. Intrabeam is a complete system for the delivery of intraoperative radiation therapy to tumors and tumor beds following resection.