IOSEImmortalized Ovarian Surface Epithelial (oncology)
IOSEInstitute of Strategic Evangelism
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The transport of miRNA was observed between cancer cells and the normal cells of the surrounding tumor microenvironment, as demonstrated between the K7M2 osteosarcoma and the stromal MC3T3 osteoblast cells and between the human SKOV3 ovarian cancer cells and nonmalignant IOSE ovarian epithelial cells [37].
For the sake of precision, the apparent "Grand(iose) Challenge" hyperbole put forward seems in need of epistemological clarification.
Mice were randomly assigned to six groups: control group with saline treatment, asthmatic group with saline treatment, and asthmatic group treated with 0.4 mL Pro-Se0 (0 [micro]g selenium), 0.4 mL Pro-Se2.5 (0.104 [micro]g selenium), 0.4 mL Pro-Se5.0 (0.1332 [micro]g selenium), and 0.4 mL of IOSe (0.104 [micro]g selenium).
She explains that this style serves, on the one hand, to check a "fall" into an excess of sentiment(ality) and on the other, paradoxically, constitutes a compensatory response to a perceived lack: her insecurity about being able to undertake the grand(iose) aesthetic gesture.
But if we Iose them, we could also Iose half of the world's plant and animal species.
Maybe they call it that to shear us away from its significance, the Presence as likely to be hidden in a pop song or a rusty radiator as in a hymn); and then having stopped for that digression, the sentence has to turn right from the radiator and encounter bits of history with its harmonica, a piece or two of disgusting toad-flavored candy, a randy member, and then swallow also a few fragments of our grand(iose) attempts to theorize what's going on in the world and the sentence.
Somehow I don't think a vendor would be willing to Iose $200 to $400 per machine when the quantities are this large, regardless of market share.
Mom-and-pop stores may have more to Iose than mainstream grocers, according to one retail consultant, who noted that the country is experiencing a shift away from small family-owned corner stores run by Asian immigrants.
Usually archaeologists will privately nod agreement, but publicly disagree, relying on various well-intentioned, rhetorical arguments, such as "it's better to document something than to Iose it all," or "even if no one understands these sites now or have the time to properly analyse them, future archaeologists can analyse the collections we make," and "there's enough room in CRM work to accommodate both personal livelihood and conservation principles," along with various other statements that Wylie (1995) would call parts of a "Salvage Principle"--rationalisations which justify the way things are without addressing the underlying problems we know are there.
I made the transition from needing to be super-able-bodied, then super-able-minded, to the realization that it is this grand iose need that is actually disabling.
The laying out of this framework for the subsequent analysis includes a very fair but incisive critique of alternative attempts at reconstructions of Jesus, principally the Jesus Seminar, Burton Mack, Dominic Crossan and Gerald Downing, for their failure to provide `serious verification' (in terms of the two points just mentioned) for their grand(iose) hypotheses offered (ch.
The extremism of such an attempt, therefore, can sound uncomfortably grand(iose) at times.