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Instructor Defensive Operator (IDO) Capt Bruce Kirby, and Instructor Offensive Systems Officer (IOSO) Capt Rory Adams) departed on a routine training sortie.
In the aft station the IDO and IOSO immediately began checking the Central Integrated Test System (CITS) for aircraft malfunctions, while continuing to monitor airspeed, altitude, attitude, and position.
A second vituperatio combines misogynistic themes with an extensive use of antiphrasis, a device frequently found in comic poets of the Sienese school (Cecco Angiolieri, Meo de' Tolomei, Muscia da Siena): 'Donna vecosa (et) gentil piu ch'arlotto, I morbida piu che pelle di spinoso | col naso all'erta (et) chol viso chae ioso, | bene a tuo modo m'ai richoncio (et) chotto' (R, XXXII.