IOSSInfinite Open Source Solutions LLP (India)
IOSSInteragency OPSEC Support Staff
IOSSIntergovernmental Open Systems Solutions
IOSSInstitute of Sikh Studies (Chandigarh, India)
IOSSIntelligence Organization & Stationing Study
IOSSInfrastructure Operations Support Services
IOSSIntegrated Ocean Surveillance System
IOSSIntegrated Occupant Sensory System (Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.)
IOSSInternational Operations Shared Services
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The system is composed of the Innovation Organization Sub-System (IOSS, mainly high-tech firms), the Innovation Support Sub-System (ISSS, e.g., technology intermediaries) and the Innovation Environmental Sub-Systems (IESS), as shown in Fig.
(5.) I have used EML rather than PML (probable maximum Ioss), which is usually defined to be the largest Ioss expected if all Ioss prevention facilities works as expected, or MFL (maximum foreseeable loss), which is the largest loss expected if loss prevention does not function, to indicate that this is an area that the insured and his advisers should discuss to develop an appropriate estimate that fits the insured's comfort level.
7, observed that, due to the Nazi persecution, Jews in Berlin and elsewhere had "suffered under a Ioss of spiritual core [Substanz]."
And couldn't we all deal with a little selective Iong-term memory Ioss? "I would like to forget a few hairstyles that I rocked during Married ...
The multimode connectors feature a 0.1 dB typical and 0.5 dB maximum insertion loss, and the singlemode connectors offer a 0.2 dB typical and 0.5 dB maximum insertion Ioss.--Corning Cable Systems
For example, an episode of influenza results in a 1-time Ioss of 0.005 quality-adjusted life years (QALYs).
Many hedge funds seek to profit in all Kinds of markets by pursuing leveraging and other speculative investment practices that may increase the likelihood of investment Ioss.