IOTNIndex of Orthodontic Treatment Need (UK)
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IOTNIndex of Treatment Need (orthodontics)
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Orthodontic Treatment Need As Perceived By University Students Using Aesthetic Component (Ac) Of Index Of Orthodontic Treatment Need (Iotn).
This study aimed to calculate the cutoff points and to determine the PAR index as an IOTN according to Angle classification.
As tools for measuring the perceptions on dental aesthetics (10) frontal intraoral photographs were progressively ordered from 1-10 in 2 columns representing the AC of the IOTN (Figure 1).
The examination for malocclusion was made according to the molar relationship (Angle) and the criteria laid down by DHC of IOTN. In addition the presence of anterior spacing, a feature overlooked by the DHC was evaluated.
Los estudios que se tuvieron en cuenta para el analisis en la presente revision reportan caracteristicas encontradas en el grupo de pacientes con discapacidad fisica o mental y en su mayoria coinciden en evaluar los criterios de la clasificacion de maloclusion de Angle, el DAI, el IOTN, la condicion oral presente o el Indice Periodontal Comunitario de Necesidad de Tratamiento (CPITN).
In this way, the objectives of this work were: to evaluate the reproducibility of IOTN Dental Index and Aesthetic Component of Health and of the Index of Dental Aesthetics, as established by OMS (18); to compare the two indexes regarding the reproducibility; to compare the reproducibility of the components AC and DHC of IOTN.
Angle's molar relationship, presence of malocclusions, and need for orthodontic treatment (using both IOTN components) [8], [9] were all evaluated by a single examiner, who performed this evaluation in a reserved room arranged by the staff from each school.
Paediatric/orthodontic Median diastema; supernumeraries; non-erupted permanent maxillary incisor; hypodontia; IOTN scor es; cross-bites.
The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) - which, under Assembly rules, all orthodontists in Wales must now follow - chooses who gets free treatment and who doesn't.
The aesthetic component is evaluated on a scale comprising 10 photographs from the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) (Figure 1).