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By participating in this program, IOTW is contributing its innovative technologies to spreading IoT device solutions among Japanese society and promoting services using 5G developed by NTT DOCOMO.
Leveraging IOTW's core team, with more than 30 years of experience in computer hardware and software, our innovative PoA and Micro-mining algorithms will enable DOCOMO to collect big data, and end users will fully benefit from the Micro-mining."
IOTW, the IoT blockchain venture by AnApp, seeks to change this by allowing nearly all connected IoT devices (30 billion by 2020) to mine IOTW tokens without any additional hardware requirements.
Porting our micro-mining software to Realtek Wifi chipsets marks a major step for IOTW's adoption and penetration."
Krypton Capital's decision to invest in IOTW and forge a partnership was a result of AnApp having made significant and practical progress on the product front.
AnApp used Espressif's Open SDK for firmware porting, and according to AnApp CEO Fred Leung, this is just the beginning for IOTW.
The IOTW blockchain technology is a completely new architecture with an innovative consensus protocol called Proof of Assignment, which allows IoT devices, no matter how simple they are, to easily mine IOTW coins without the need for any hardware change.
AnApp (website: is developing the IOTW blockchain which can run on IoT devices.
Jeffrey Zhang, General Manager of iKeyhome, said, "End users can earn IOTW as well as use IOTW to purchase goods, services and contents.
G2H2's purchase of IOTWs from AnApp is a confirmation that the upside potential of IOTW tokens is being recognized by the market.
All transactions in the IOTW blockchain ecosystem will be low cost, instantaneous, energy efficient and green.
With 'IOTW', IoT devices can now 'green-mine' with social and environmental responsibility.