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IOUI Owe You
IOUInvestor Owned Utilities
IOUInput Output Unit
IOUIndian Ocean University (Mogadishu, Somalia)
IOUInternational Open University
IOUI Own You
IOUInput/Output Unit
IOUI Owe Unto
IOUIslamic Online University
IOUInterdependent Occupational Unit (currency of Lovely, UK humorous country)
IOUIs Owed Unto
IOUInsert or Update (database)
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To the surprise of the IOU staff, interest in IOU degree programs became very active during the month of September, 2005.
Another important constituent for the IOU is the stockholder.
Cooperatives pay no federal income tax, so all the rates charged by an IOU must include a component to recover taxes, an average multiplier of 1.
IOU got off to a flier when they scooped a pools win in just their second week.
From this condition, it follows that, for all practical purposes, each individual IOU + RP would be a heterogeneous good.
22) In this way, as IOUs transacted business with the PSC, there was more assurance that communication would occur with the other state agencies having jurisdiction on the issue the IOU had before the PSC.
They then formed IOU with three other Sligo members under the eagle eye of managers Mary McDonagh, Padraig Meehan and Avryl Dooher.
Madam Ndow said, We will also work with IOU to look at our Intensive English Course and the Intensive Arabic Course for the madarasah students to improve their language skills.
Although the IOU is informal, the consumer research suggests you should try to keep a record of what you owe to your loved ones and repay the loan immediately if you suddenly remember a debt you'd previously forgotten.
HAD HIS CHIPS Watanabe faces charges over IOUs LAWSUIT Caesars and, right, Rio
Since the normal rule is that debts can be enforced for six years it makes sense for lenders to want a date on an IOU, as this will show whether a debt is still valid.
3 billion-worth of IOUs go unpaid every year in the UK.