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IOUI Owe You
IOUInvestor Owned Utilities
IOUI Own You
IOUInput/Output Unit
IOUI Owe Unto
IOUIslamic Online University
IOUInterdependent Occupational Unit (currency of Lovely, UK humorous country)
IOUIs Owed Unto
IOUInsert or Update (database)
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This is a milestone in the education system of The Gambia because the teachers who have gone through the Gambia College have made a great impact in the country and now they are taking that to another step by empowering the teachers more and given them more tools to give Gambians quality education, said Ousainou Allen, the IOU Gambia representative.
They also suggest you shouldn't bother asking for an IOU for under PS5 back - but you should still pay this amount back if you're the one that owes it.
Sometimes the municipalities provided water service and the IOU provided wastewater service or vice versa depending upon what was economically feasible for the local government as a result.
IOU Theatre performers include: Judyth Greenburgh, Jon Klusmire (script adaptation & direction), Max Rosan, Jim Shallcross, Jeanie Smith and Mary Winchester.
Awarding of degrees is by submitting requirements to the IOU Degree Committee, composed of Dr.
They then formed IOU with three other Sligo members under the eagle eye of managers Mary McDonagh, Padraig Meehan and Avryl Dooher.
3 billion-worth of IOUs go unpaid every year in the UK.
Of course, a person holding a redeemable bank IOU is free to spend or cash the IOU at any moment; but until the IOU is spent or cashed, anyone holding it is no less engaged in an act of saving than someone holding a bond having the same face value.
He then wrote me an IOU and said he'd fax his HQ in New York to get them to send me a cheque.
7[cents] per kWh for RECs, somewhat lower nationally than IOUs and higher than muni's.
To achieve this, IOU Central performs a comprehensive assessment of each customer, going beyond a credit score, and evaluating a number of key business factors.
Well, many years ago I was told by a professional moneylender that an IOU should not be dated, since that would imply the debt was due on that day only.