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IOUSIntraoperative Ultrasound
IOUSInput Output Utility Subsystem
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Clinical characteristics, preoperative transabdominal ultrasound findings, surgeon findings and new lesions detected solely by IOUS are summarized in table 1.
Hepatic IOUS was performed in eight dogs (3 for metastatic research due to suspected splenic tumor, 2 with suspected primary or metastatic hepatic tumor and 3 with suspected of both splenic and hepatic tumors).
IOUS identified additional lesions that were undetected by the surgeon in eight out of nine cases (all cases except the intestinal tumor).
Information provided by IOUS directly influenced the surgical protocol or contributed to the surgical decision in all cases.
It determined the method of agreement between IOUS and post-operative contrast MRI for the detection of residual tumour.
It revealed that IOUS could detect location size and depth of cerebral tumours.
This was different from our study as we excluded those patients having history of recurrent tumour and those who had received radiation therapy as IOUS could not differentiate the radiation-induced changes accurately as the study mentioned later in its results.