IOVAIowa Organization for Victim Assistance (est. 1983; Des Moines, IA)
IOVAInternational Organization for Victim Assistance (Newberg, OR)
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Jackson National has designed the fee-based IOVA contract to eliminate mortality, expense and administration charges.
In addition, guarantees on TDAs expire at the original owner's death, but the fees do not; beneficiaries may thus wish to transfer to an IOVA or other TDA.
The competitive landscape continues to evolve, and more companies are entering the IOVA market.
For clients who can live without that income until they're 59 and a half and can withdraw it without incurring an IRS penalty, an IOVA might be able to meet their needs.
While inflows into IOVAs have been relatively modest to this point, McCarthy says he expects interest to grow as IOVA products proliferate from companies such as Jackson National, Jefferson National, Nationwide, MetLife, Principal and SunAmerica.
The first references to Job's name in Pushkin's own correspondence trace back to the period of his young exile: in October 1823, he refers in French to his correspondent Alexander Raevsky as "aimable Job Lovelace"; (20) later, in June of 1824, he urges Bestuzhev to "Muzhaisia--dai otvet skorei, kak govorit bog Iova ili Lomonosov" (Take heart, and give me an answer quickly, as the god of Job or Lomonosov says), (21) paraphrasing Lomonosov's "Ode, selected from Job." In a spring 1824 letter to his friend Kiukhelbeker, Pushkin alludes to the Bible and Goethe in a single breath, reporting that, while the Holy Spirit is "close to his heart" (po serdtsu) when he reads the Bible, he prefers Goethe; (22) as the scholar I.
In his "Oda, wbrannaia iz Iova" (Ode Drawn from Job, 1751) he demanded that human beings patiently accept their lot and recognize God's sovereign power "to punish and reward whom He pleases." (93) Iurii Lotman has interpreted the "Ode Drawn from Job" as a programmatic break from Orthodox clerics who wished to use coercion to extirpate evil from the world.
Ginsburg, 26, and Iova Margoyungan, 25, both of Eugene.