IOWGInternational Oil Working Group
IOWGInformation Operations Working Group (various nations)
IOWGInduced Ordered Weighted Geometric Operator
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As such, the IOWG is just one group that contributes to effects-based mission planning through the joint effects working group (JEWG).
(43) Also based on receipt of the ETO, the IOWG begins planning two weeks out to identify operational and tactical requirements and targets.
The OPG and IOWG nominated targets are then forwarded to the JEWG The JEWG integrates the operational and tactical priorities into one consolidated briefing to the Director of the Combined/Joint Staff at the Joint Effects Coordination Board, which is similar to a targeting board.
The cell members may coordinate during meetings (such as an IOWG meetings) or over a local area network.
This director coordinates all non-lethal effects at daily IOWG meetings using the D3A targeting methodology.
(59) A brigade in Afghanistan does not conduct a separate IOWG, but integrates IO objectives and tasks into FECC meetings, which synchronize all brigade lethal and non-lethal fires.
Targets and suspected targets are then passed to the targeting team by a number of means, to include intelligence from subordinate units, IOWG, etc.
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