IOWRInput Output Write
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In fact, the HAL provides the C macros IORD (IO Read) and IOWR (IO Write) that expand to the appropriate assembly instructions [17].
(i) MODE instruction allows setting the needed communication mode and is executed by the controller: IOWR (NLBASE, 0x800, data), where data is the value that corresponds to the global router communication mode (PE-PE, PE-Controller, PE-I/O Peripheral, or Controller-I/O Peripheral) as defined in the multicore architecture configuration file.
(ii) SEND instruction allows sending data through the global router: IOWR (NLBASE, address, data), where NLBASE is the address of the controller network interface based custom component when the instruction is executed by the controller or the PE network interface based custom component when it is executed by the PE.
Apart from dialectal features, several forms characteristic of individual writers have been found, e.g., gyu 'you', hett 'eat', inuiatory 'list' and whyt 'with' in RCII, iowr in GC, and also onyvn 'onion' in WLC.