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So full their eyes are of that glorious sight, And senses fraught with such satietie, That in nought else on earth they can delight, But in th'aspect of that felicitie, Which they haue written in their inward ey; On which they feed, and in their fastened mynd All happie ioy and full contentment fynd.
The speaker's sense of captivity as a form of physical restraint--of putting ('they putt haue' / 'ont mis'), holding ('he holt of them' / 'tenue'), and keeping something from someone ('kepith Ioy fro me as a straungere')--makes his own relative isolation the primary cause of his suffering.
Where Jennings celebrates Teresa of Avila's clear, concrete language and purely intellectual ioy, Jamie emphasizes Julian of Norwich's physical and mental suffering and portrays her relationship with God in a way that takes up modern feminist and pro-Scots rhetoric.
(402) Placed at the end of part one, the information is a warning to the reader as well as an invitation to pleasure and complicity--the ioy of active participation in the creation of an encounter that gives visibility and substance to King MacLain so far talked of and never seen, an invitation to appreciate the representation of an erotic myth.
The pamphlet commemorating the wedding triumphs on the Thames, Heauens Blessing, And Earths Ioy, written by John Taylor, describes both a three-hour sea-fight (A4) that featured thirty-eight ships "continually dischardging great shot in aboundance" (A4) as they progressed from Temple to York House, near Westminster ([A4.sup.v]), and a one-hour fireworks show (C1) with two to three hundred fires "flying to and fro in and out" of a castle ([C2.sup.v]), fireballs that "in their falling dispearsed into diuers streams like Raine-bowes in many innumerable fires" ([B1.sup.v]), a "fiery Fountaine" ([B4.sup.v]), and "Artificiall men," who "march round" a burning pavilion and "cast out fires.., as it were in skirmish" (B2).
With similar imagery of shipwreck, Sidney cautions: "Beware full sailes drowne not thy tottring barge, / Least ioy, by nature apt sprites to enlarge, / Thee to thy wracke beyond thy limits straine" (85.2-4); and Spenser in Amoretti maps the lover's progress from unrequited to mutual love onto the tempestuous journey of a ship to port (34,56,59,63; see Renascence Editions).
A zealvs davghter in her kynd what els the world doth knowe And last of all a vyrgin qveen to Englands ioy we see, Successyvely to hold the right and vertves of the three.
pen, as hit yn mony place ys payntude and corven, pat kyng pat ys yn pe mydell, for gret ioy pat he had, wryde bakward tohys fellow byhynd, and pytte hys hond vp, schewyng hym pe sterre; lewde men hauen an opynyon and sayne, pat he had slayne a mon, wherfor he turned backeward.
For these and the reasons noted below, Elon Musk has been selected by the editors of R&D Magazine as our 2007 R&D Innovator of the Year (IOY).
Senior Chief Damage Controlman (SW) John Jones was recently named the Navy's Senior Enlisted Instructor of the Year (IOY) by the Navy Education and Training Command.
pat he kan fynd na ioy in pis life (Rolle, Form: 43, 1.34).
William Loe's 1620 Songs of Sion, for instance, a collection of metrical paraphrases and meditations on psalms and other scripture, was "set for the ioy of gods deere ones, who sitr here by the brookes of this worlds Babel, & weepe when they thinke on Hierusalem which is on highe." (76) Other writers felt a more earthly homesickness, however, for the obvious reason t hat many of them were actual exiles from their home countries.