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IP2Internet Protocol Integration Project
IP2Incontinentia Pigmenti 2
IP2Second Order Intercept Point
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The uniqueness of solution of IP2 follows from the IP1-results.
Solid-state Power Drivers provide peak power efficiency and operating reliability to PRIMEs IP2 & IP3 LEDMAX UV cassettes.
OPNAV N2N6 IP2 will select privileged users from the Total Workforce Management System (TWMS) Information Assurance Workforce Module.
Metro chairman Clr James Lewis said: "Although there are still 10 months of the first Implementation plan, IP1, to run, we're starting work now on what's needed for IP2.
Un total de 30 ratas hembras albinas cepa Wistar de 3 meses de nacidas y con 250 g de peso, fueron separadas en 5 grupos de 6 ratas cada uno: ratas prenadas infectadas con la cepa Planalto (IP1); ratas prenadas infectadas con la cepa ASM (IP2); ratas controles virgenes infectadas con la cepa Planalto (CI1); ratas virgenes infectadas con la cepa ASM (CI2); y ratas sanas prenadas (SP) fueron utilizadas.
Quan further pointed to a pilot framework launched earlier in the week under the EU-China IP2 project that supports mediation between Chinese and European companies at trade fairs.
L3 e IP2 recibieron sus respectivos ramos de un RC (L3-IP2) en 7 casos (70%) y un ramo para cada uno, originado de un RC con tres disposiciones diferentes en 3 casos o 30% (L3-IP2-ID3; ID4-IP2-L3-ID3; ID3-IP2-L3).
For simplicity, inlet and outlet ports are represented as IP (IP1, IP2, IP3) and OP (OP1, OP2, OP3), respectively.
The IP3 is typically 46 dBm and the IP2 is typically 80 dBm.
Another ruling (36) also dealt with a shareholder disagreement as to the direction of a high-tech company's exploitation of two intellectual properties, IP1 and IP2. The two properties had been owned and licensed over five years.
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